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John Hughes has always believed in the spirit of truth, equality and peace among all humanity...

Drafted in 1968 during the Vietnam conflict, he remained determined with diligence, to expose the deception and injustice of war... So to enlighten and leave the reader and or listener, including but not limited to his commanders and fellow soldiers, feeling a sense of peace... As a professional songwriter / poet, and lyricist of the instrumental song considered for the upcoming feature film score of Marvin Gaye's life story: song titled "The Rivers Turning Red" and the personal poet laureate of Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, John continues to write, produce and perform enlightening, inspirational
and professional poems, songs and performance... Accompanied by poetic rhythms Friend and partner Alvaro's Lagos, gold vocal artist, partner and friend David Jones of the famed Bluenotes and Oakland based musicians... The poetic songs are an exceptional format in the music industry...